What are the advantages of fake grass?

Lawn maintenance can be time consuming and quite frankly, hard work! There are a range of advantages to choosing fake grass, such as:

  • Low maintenance – If you invest in artificial grass, it means no more mowing! Artificial grass is great for homeowners with little or no time to manage the up-keep of their lawn. It is also a convenient alternative for elderly or disabled people who struggle with garden maintenance and mowing. It is also a practical solution for those that own second homes / buy-to-lets and holiday homes when they can’t be there to ensure that the lawn is kept to a high standard all year around.
  • Green all-year-round! Doesn’t everyone want their grass to stay green all year round? The only way to guarantee this is to invest in a fake lawn. It stays green all year round, not matter what the weather throws at us
  • No more weeding – Unsightly patchy lawns with constant weeds popping up, who wants to deal with that? Not us! Correctly installed artificial grass has all the preparation and elements in place to prevent weeds coming back!
  • Durable – quality fake grass such as the stock that we supply and install is green all year round, durable and pet friendly. Fake grass is perfect for areas with heavy footfall and unlike natural grass, won’t be prone to slippery, muddy patches after a heavy downpour. No muddy patches = no muddy footprints being trampled through the house!
  • The solution to shaded areas – in shaded areas, such as under trees / bushes,  natural grass can become brown and moss-covered. Our artificial grass does not need any sun to stay looking good all year round.
  • More time to relax – once your artificial lawn is installed, you can just sit back and relax!

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