Budget grass sale now on!

artificial grass sale coventry

Our fantastic artificial lawns are perfect for any residential garden. Low maintenance, no mud or mess, and NO mowing!! We offer a full fitting service, or we can simply supply as our grass is really easy to install.

Our soft to the touch, realistic looking artificial grass will look pristine all year round and is perfect for families, plus it is more hygienic for pets too as it can be simply hosed down.

Our artifical grass is now on sale! Down from £12m2 to just £9m2!!

Call 024 76 691511 to find out more or place an order!

budget grass sale coventrybudget grass sale coventry

How to choose the perfect fake grass for your garden

For green fingered Brits, the grass is the central element of the garden, some spend every spare moment manicuring their gardens to perfection, trimming and edging as they go.

Did you know that those of you with natural lawns spend over 6.5 weeks of your life mowing?! Whether you love or hate mowing, it is taking up valuable time.

Why not ditch the mower and replace your tired, time-consuming lawn with artificial grass from Astrotastic?

First of all, you will need to decide what you’d do with 6.5 weeks to spare!!  you want to use the space for so you can choose the correct density.  This will help you decide which kind of artificial lawn you go for.

Children’s play area

fake grass for childrens play area

For families with kids, getting them to play outside instead of sitting in front of the TV is always the better option but what if they want to play football, run around and what if it rains. Your lawn can quickly become churned up and now you’ve got the chore of mopping the floor of muddy footprints.

Artificial grass comes in different densities so if you are choosing fake grass for a place for the kids to play or an area with a lot of footfall, choosing low density artificial grass will mean that it won’t get flattened over time. The benefit of artificial grass for children’s play areas is that it won’t get churned up like natural grass so no more muddy footprints (and no more weeks of your life spent mowing!). Continue reading “How to choose the perfect fake grass for your garden”

The green, fake grass of home

“Hooray! It’s stopped raining for 10 minutes! Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in the garden?” we hear you cry.  So, you’d better pop to the shops for grass seed and lawn fertiliser, possibly weed killer too if you’ve let the maintenance slip!

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We all know, it’s no mean feat keeping your garden looking welcoming and not like a mile-long ‘to-do’ list of jobs before you’ve even had chance to dig out your deck chair!

As the typical British weather leaves gardens barely touched over the Summer months, we look forward to the sunny days and when they come, we all want to get out there and just relax.

To ensure that your garden looks fresh all year round, ready on the off-chance that the sun might pop out again, why not invest in an artificial grass? It’s the easiest option if you want to ensure that you never have to weed the grass again and it’ll never get over-grown or take you hours to maintain before you can sit back and enjoy the sun. Continue reading “The green, fake grass of home”